Techno-Smoking Is the Way to Go

          Techno-Smoking Is the Way to Go A new generation of technology improvements and advances has made its way into the tobacco and cigarette industry. Gone are the days of smoking countless packs of cigarettes with the risk of burning clothes and carpets, and making everything and everyone around smell like smoke. Here to solve this issue is a new product called the electronic cigarette. Who Makes V2 Cigs? V2 Cigs, a leading innovator and manufacturer in the industry, stays ahead of the curve with its innovative thinking and design process. A couple of weeks ago, V2Cigs, whose e-mail address is recently, overhauled its entire website, making ordering the V2 Cigs from start to finish a much easier transaction.

          Furthermore, they upgraded several items on their product line, including their basic disposable electronic cigarette models, and also customized the starter kits, accessories, and travel items. Their goal was not only to make their products more efficient, but to create a website that was easier to navigate and one that gave the customer a better experience ordering online. What Is Unique About V2 Cigs? There are a few reasons why the V2 Cigs brand is the leader in the disposable electronic cigarette industry. First is its value; it is not possible to find a better constructed, easier to use electronic cigarette for the price of V2 Cigs. Its performance too holds up to its competitors and when it comes to smoking, V2 Cigs outlast their competitors as well. Ultimately, a customer orders an electronic cigarette for one main reason: the desire to satisfy the nicotine craving without the negative side effects of traditional smoking. The smoker wants to be satisfied but does not want to inconvenience other people with the foul smell of cigarette smoke and the harmful effect on the environment, with all the chemicals and by products of traditional cigarettes. How Easy Is It To Use V2 Cigs? Another aspect to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette, beyond the actual performance of the device is customer service and troubleshooting in case there is a problem.

          Too many times one hears a customer mention about having bought a generic disposable electronic cigarette at a convenience store only to have it break within the first few times of using the device. It is unlikely that such a customer is even lucky enough to have a help number on the packaging to call and if there is that is usually as far as it gets. Where Can One Get Customer Support? Many of these companies selling generics are based overseas and they offer little or no service to their customers. That is where V2 Cigs separates itself from the pack. Not only does V2 Cigs take the utmost pride in the strength and quality of its products, it also takes customer service to be just as important. Brand loyalty is something V2 Cigs acknowledges, appreciates, and strives to maintain. The company has dedicated support specialists who do their utmost to ensure that they are available to address any customer problems arising. They address the customer needs and give solutions the soonest possible. Does V2 Cigs Offer Any Sale Guarantee? V2 Cigs is so confident about its product that it offers an unheard of 30-Day free trial–meaning that anyone who is not completely satisfied with a V2 Cig product will be offered a full money back refund within 30 days. Additionally, there is a lifetime warranty on all the electronic components of the cigarette, which is just about everything besides the actual refills. This means that if a customer’s battery stops working, it is replaced at no cost at all to the customer. Over 1 million customers already support the V2 Cig product line, and it is not surprising to learn that V2 Cigs is maintaining its lead in this booming industry. As the pioneer in this sector, V2 continues to raise the bar for product excellence and customer service. The customers who are placing their orders for V2 Cigs now are bound to reap the most benefits, and others will definitely wonder why they did not try them sooner!v2cigs-shadowboxmix-450-408

          Smokers Get More Than Their Money’s Worth With The Affordable NEW V2 Cigs EXPRESS Kit Many smokers have entertained the notion of switching from conventional tobacco products to e cigarettes, but the steep cost of experimenting with an ‘E Cigarette Starter Kit’ gives them pause. Even though one of the greatest advantages of making the switch to e cigarettes is the reduced cost of vaping compared to traditional smoking, the cost of a starter kit is a lot of money to risk on an unfamiliar product. Starter kits typically cost from $80 to $200, depending on their mix of features and extras. That’s a lot of money for a smoker to dole out, especially if their experience turns out to be a poor one. There’s a good vaping set-up for every smoker, but if the brand, model, and flavors in a starter kit are unappealing, he or she might never find that perfect fit. V2 Cigs already has a reputation for giving new smokers great value with their starter kits, and now they’ve introduced a NEW one. It provides a cheap e cigarette introduction to new vapers without resorting to the bargain-basement quality and satisfaction provided by many discount e cigarette kits. V2 introduced this new starter kit last April while simultaneously redefining their web presence with a new site. Budget-conscious smokers who want to give V2 a try are going to love the new V2 Cigs Express Kit. Adding a sampler of cartomizers or a supply of eliquid to their initial order will only make the experience even better. There’s no simpler or more affordable option out there for a premium e-cigarette starter kit than the V2 starter kit.

It comes with the same Standard Automatic battery used throughout V2′s product line and one Flavor Cartridge. It’s perfect for the e cigarette novice, and the kit also includes V2′s new Express Charger. Buyers can choose from Menthol or V2 Red flavors, both available in three strengths: Light, Medium and Full. Whether the buyer is a complete newcomer to the world of e cigarettes or a more experienced vaper looking to sample what V2 has to offer, the simple, economical V2 Cigs Express Kit is a great purchase to make. V2 also makes Disposables that are suitable for the vaper in a hurry or the e-cig aficionado who wants a taste of the V2 experience, but the V2 Cigs Express Kit is the most well-rounded way to try out the company’s product. It makes it easy to get a proper introduction to vaping in general and V2 in particular. It has all of the vital components found in pricier starter kits, including a refillable V2 cartridge, a V2 E Cig battery, and a NEW double-speed Express USB charger. The V2 Express Kit comes with the same automatic 78mm battery featured in the many of the company’s premium offerings. It gives the new vaper a great balance between useful vaping life, easy recharging, and low weight. The Kit also includes a V2 Flavor Cartridge that contains from 150 to 220 puffs of the company’s custom e-liquid (the effective equivalent of a full pack of ordinary cigarettes). There’s an Express USB charger in the Express Kit, too, which cuts e cigarette charging time in half. Buying the V2 Flavor Sampler along with the V2 Cigs Express Kit is a great idea. It allows a vaper to explore the full range of the V2 Cigs Coupons and products line.

The Sampler includes 10 pre-filled cartridges from V2′s line of flavors. That’s the effective equivalent of a full carton of ordinary cigarettes! The Sampler offers vapers all of V2′s signature e cigarette vapor flavors, one of which is sure to suit every palette. The included flavors are Menthol, V2 Red, Peppermint, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Cola, Congress, and Sahara. These different Cartridges come in a range of nicotine levels from 0 to 16 mg, so it’s easy for vapers to pick exactly what sort of experience they get. There’s another add-on that can really extend the useful life of the V2 Express Kit: Adding a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid from V2′s new platinum line makes it easy to fill up the Kit’s V2 Cartridge over and over. The bottle contains enough e-liquid to fully charge the Cartridge about 10 times. This means that the affordable $10 e-liquid bottle will give an e cigarette user about the same amount of use as a traditional smoker would get out of 10 packs of cigarettes! The value represented here – just $1 for the equivalent of a full pack – is inescapable. V2′s new Platinum E-Liquid comes in four different strengths of nicotine, each of which is available in four of the most popular flavors from V2′s extensive line. There is simply no other premium starter kit that provides a better cheap e cigarette experience than the V2 Express Kit. It’s an inexpensive and reliable way to start vaping, but it can easily be the start of a more extensive e cigarette collection. Adding more accessories, cartomizers, and batteries is no problem. There’s a wide array of vaping experiences open to the buyer; flavor cartridges come in Full, Medium, and Light strengths in both the popular V2 Red and Menthol flavors. Even though the Express Kit offers smokers the same uncompromising performance as the rest of V2′s product line, it’s priced to suit the neophyte’s wallet, costing just $29.99. Right now it’s possible to save even more by using EVAPE15, a V2 Cigs Coupon Code that takes 15% off the cost of a V2 Cigs Express Kit. It’s even good for purchases of more than one Starter Kit!